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10 Telecommunications Blogs You Should Be Reading

by Nina Quasebarth
June 21, 2017

Telecommunications is a rapidly changing arena. New technologies and new standards are constantly emerging, and best practices for business telecommunications are continually evolving. Whether you run a large business or a small business, telecommunications is essential to your operation, so staying current with the latest trends is important, especially if the plans you establish today have to serve the company for some time to come.

One of the best ways to stay current is by tracking the latest telecommunications blogs. As with everything on the internet, finding information is easy, but finding reliable information is harder. You have to be sure of your information sources, not only because they offer better insight, but because they are accurate.

Information about trends in telecom is everywhere on the web, but there are fewer blog sources you can consider reliable.

Top 10 Telecommunications Blogs, Websites & Newsletters To Follow In This Year

We read a lot to stay up-to-date on the latest information. Here are 10 telecommunications blogs we follow to stay current with telephony news, trends, tips, and best practices:

1. FierceTelecom

If you aren’t familiar with the FierceMarkets family of news sites, they are an excellent independent source of industry information. FierceTelecom, like its sister sites FierceWireless, FierceTechExec, and FierceCable, provides up-to-date reports on its niche, the telecommunications market. This is a reliable online news magazine reporting on the latest deals, technologies, and companies that are shaping telecommunications. For example, a recent story reports on AT&T’s acquisition of Vyatta from Brocade and its role in helping AT&T offer more software-driven services, such as virtual networking and distributed services.

2. SearchTelecom

Competing with FierceMarkets sites is the TechTarget family of news sites. SearchTelecom is not only a good news source, but it’s a great source of background information and analysis on telecom topics. It’s well-organized and is a good way to get more in-depth information on topics, such as unified communications cloud adoption.

3. Light Reading

If you want to cover all aspects of telecom from a single news source, Light Reading is a useful news destination. Like its sister site, Dark Reading, which covers IT security, Light Reading covers all things networking, including technology, components, high-speed networking, cable, optical, Ethernet, and industry events. Some of its analysis articles are interesting as well, such as a recent post about the impact of open-source on vendors.

4. Forrester Research

If you’re looking for more in-depth analysis of market trends, you have to go to the industry analysts. Forrester analysts share their observations in the Forrester telecommunications blogs. They cover topics specific to telecom, for CIOs, network infrastructure, and other areas.

5. TelcoProfessionals

To hear the latest from the professionals in the field, TelcoProfessionals provides news, analysis, articles, white papers, and more from a wide range of contributors, including video interviews. Although the site has a European perspective, it’s still a good resource for technological trends.

6. ConnectWorld

For more in-depth discussions offered by industry leaders, ConnectWorld offers articles and news on topics that concern everyone in telecom, such as data security and mobile employees or the implications of the Internet of Things (IOT). It’s a good educational resource.

7. Data Center Knowledge

Data centers are at the heart of telecom, and for insight about any aspect of data center design, installation, maintenance, or management, you have to check out Data Center Knowledge. It’s a good source of news but, more important, it has an extensive archive of articles on all things data center.

8. Cellular News

To keep track of the latest events in cellular telecommunications, Cellular News provides a roundup of the latest news announcements. News is organized by different categories to make it easier to find the latest on equipment, business, international news, regulations, and more.

9. Wireless Week

One of the most established news sources in the wireless world, Wireless Week provides the latest news updates on wireless, including in-depth analysis and trends. For example, the lead story at present is about the wireless security vulnerabilities presented by the IoT.

10. VoIP Insider

Dedicated to trends in voice over IP, VoIP Insider offers content about VoIP vendors and their products, which makes sense because the blog is sponsored by a VoIP equipment supplier. There also are some interesting application stories that are instructional as well. For example, a recent telecommunications blogs post is about how small hotels can harness VoIP to offer services that help them compete with the big chains.

Other Sources to Check Out

For general tech trends and tech business information, you will want to check out the popular information sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, and Wired. We also hope you will keep coming back to see what we have to say in the Spoke blog. We strive to provide the latest insights on how to get more from your business telephony by using smartphone technology to power your company’s virtual phone system. We post new information regularly on a variety of topics, all designed to help you find new ways to improve your business phone infrastructure.

The only way to stay current with the rapidly changing world of telecommunications is to keep reading.

Let us know what topics interest you and we will be sure to research them and post them here.

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