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5 Good Reasons Why All of Your Employees Belong in Customer Service

by Sasha Viasasha
March 29, 2018

What business are you in? There’s a good argument to be made that there’s only one good answer: The Customer Service Business. If you’re not serving the customer, you might not be in any business for very long.

Small companies normally can’t afford an enterprise-level customer service department, so every employee has the potential to shape customer perceptions, for good or bad.

To drive home the point on the real-world, financial impacts of good customer service, here are a handful of research findings:

1. The experience is the brand

By 2020, customer experience become No. 1 differentiator for winning businesses – more important than price or quality factors. Three out of four customers chose to communicate over the phone. 58% of customer experience professionals suggested that “simplification initiatives” were the most important area for investment. (Walker Consultants)

2. Excellence pays off

Excellence in customer service was a significant factor in companies that achieved revenues 2.4X higher than their peers. Customers who left with positive experiences spent 140% more at the company than those who were not satisfied. (Harvard Business Review)



3. Let’s just talk

Helen May, Customer and Partner Experience Lead at Microsoft New Zealand pointed out that even large enterprises have to operate like scrappy startups in this regard, “We try to ensure our customers and partners have a very consistent experience online. We also offer different ways for them to connect with us – online chat, community blogs, email enquiries – or customers can set up a phone appointment with one of the team.” (Microsoft New Zealand)

4. Email will not be enough

Econsultancy found 64% of consumers and 80% of business buyers expect real-time two-way communications from their preferred suppliers. The immediacy and information richness of phone conversations are far more effective at solving problems quickly than text-based, asynchronous communication channels like email.


5. Saving customers is more important than winning them

Actions that can reduce your customer defection rate by just 5% can grow your overall profitability by 25 - 125%, with considerable variation based on your industry. For two thirds of customers, it is not bad experiences that drive them away but merely being treated with “an attitude of indifference.” (Destination CRM)

The platform for optimizing the customer experience

“Innovations in social, mobile and cloud have fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with brands and this is just the beginning,” advised Oracle VP Des Cahill.

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