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Automation Is the Engine of High-Performance Sales Teams

by Sasha Viasasha
January 18, 2018

Even the best sales reps don’t have enough time to do it all. On an average day, sales reps must manage email, go through voice mails, learn new software, log new accounts into back office systems, update the CRM with new info on existing accounts, report on how they productive they are, and then – if there is any extra time left – they do some sales.

The results of a recent time study revealed that many sales reps spend 78% of their time doing things other than selling. Imagine how much better your revenue numbers would look if sales reps were fully dedicated to sales.

That’s where automation comes in. For high-performance sales teams, AI-based mobile applications and other forms of sales automation are putting more sales hours in the work day. 

Leading business of all sizes have already gotten on board the automation train. Gartner projected that Australian businesses will invest around $2 billion for marketing and sale automation in 2018.

Meanwhile, Salesforce Australia estimated that two-thirds of B2B companies are looking purchase automation for marketing and sales in the year ahead.Their State of Sales report concluded, “Sales processes are still key and teams that have been able to strip out as much of the onerous admin tasks that prevent them from actually selling are the most successful.

Speeding up the sales cycle

Consider what happens after the average sales rep hangs up the phone. They start organizing notes, updating records in the CRM and reporting on their progress, just to name a few tasks. That's not necessary. Sales automation today is capable of handling all sorts of tasks like these in real-time while the sales rep is still on the call. Meanwhile, they can rely on visualizations about time-to-close and success probability to instantly guide them in the making sure their next move is the best use of their time. That’s what high performance sales looks like now.

Productivity from lower switching costs

Just as the assembly line revolutionized productivity a century ago, automation and AI are setting the new baseline for peak efficiency in the age of knowledge workers. Every time a salesperson has to switch gears into different roles, from administrator to marketer to customer support, they lose momentum and sales efficiency suffers as a result. Automate simple, repetitive tasks. That's where machines excel. Allow salespeople to dive deeper into a subtle understanding of what the prospect actually needs.

Quantifying customer experience

Related to the above point, high-performance teams are also more productive because they are more customer-centric. Technology has put the customer in charge of the buying process because they can access to information they need in a few clicks of a mouse or swipes of a finger. Successful sales organizations have taken on a new role as guardians of the customer experience. By paying closer attention to what motivates and influences customer buying decisions, sales reps grow to becomes a professional resource to their networks.

The augmented workforce

One equation every sales manager will recognize is that the shorter the sales cycle, from prospect to net promoter, the greater the number of leads you can generate without adding staff. There are hard limits to collapsing that time frame unless your sales support is machine-based. The augmented workforce has arrived, and high-performance sales teams are leading the way in combining the judgment of humans with the precision of machines.

The sales productivity platform

Spoke Phone was built to help small businesses get more productive. In 3 minutes, you can download and setup a virtual PBX with all the essential communication capabilities that a mobile salesforce needs. 

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