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Can You Hear Me? Office Phone Systems That Deliver

by Sasha Viasasha
August 30, 2017

As landlines are coming down across the world, IP telephony companies are gaining market share and disrupting traditional business phone service. But what do you do when the disruption is on the line? Jitter, latency and packet loss can add up to poor call quality, dropped calls, and can even prevent calls from going through.

The most important call might be the one you never receive.  

Anyone who has experienced poor call quality at a critical moment knows how it can impact outcomes. Delivering a sales pitch, resolving customer service issues, or establishing credibility is impossible when delays, buzzing, echoes and disrupted connections create continual distractions. The entire point of voice communication is lost when you can’t establish a solid connection due to a poor line. Here's a closer look at the next generation of SMB phone systems.

Telephony in the digital age

The copper wires of yesterday’s phone service delivered a reliable connection, but they weren’t optimal for digital use. VoIP uses your internet connection but your call quality is only as good as your internet service. You may think you have high speed internet, but you never know how unreliable your internet actually is until you begin to use it for voice communication.  Latency and jitter rarely disrupt digital activities such as email, the nature of asynchronous communication conceals all the tiny blips and lags. But voice communication requires continuous, real-time connection.

On-Premise VoIP service

Because of this, the enterprise solutions that deliver the highest quality VoIP service usually require an on-premise hardware. Having your own server is great, and a dedicated fiber optic line is even better. The fiber line replaces copper, and delivers a super fast, uniform, high-speed connection. On premise solutions also deliver control to the business, allowing you to customize a solution that is scalable and flexible.

Capital expenditure

This kind of Capex investment might be right for some businesses. However, it is a major commitment, as your business will essentially be buying, maintaining and managing all the infrastructure that traditional phone service used to provide. It’s a little less expensive than the old PBX systems because it doesn’t require the same internal networking hardware, some of the guts are off site.

Cloud solutions

In contrast, cloud based VoIP solutions are often less expensive, at least upfront, but they can quickly add up, and aren’t very flexible. You may end up paying for many features you won’t use. Adding new users, forwarding to mobile and other features become much more difficult. And, most importantly, call quality is quite variable.

Stranded in the gap?

Some business users might be left behind by high quality VoIP service. Luckily, there is an alternative. Applications such as Spoke can turn your smartphone into a business phone system with all the features you need, for just a few bucks a month.

Office phone systems that deliver

Created for small businesses who need the full firepower of an enterprise office phone system, but without the hassle and expense of on-premise hardware, Spoke allows you to leverage your mobile infrastructure while buying immunity from obsolescence. Easy to scale and designed for mobile, Spoke offers group calling, extension calling, conference calls, an AI receptionist and a detailed call log. Our smart directory maintains itself, and assigns each team member an extension so they can keep their personal number private.

You can say goodbye to:                                                                                             

  • Wires
  • Expensive equipment
  • Confusing feature bundles
  • Hardware
  • Bad call quality
  • Contracts

Best of all, Spoke delivers  next generation VoIP service for a superior experience, designed to run on top of LTE networks optimized for voice data. 

Better call quality means better calls, better outcomes, and more effective business communication.  

As the internet continues to disrupt business telephone service, best of class may mean unreliable quality for some time into the future. Small businesses can save money and provide better quality service by downloading an application like Spoke. To learn more, visit our features page or sign up for a demo.  Easy to try, simple to use, Spoke is designed to help small businesses grow.