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Does Your Business Phone Line Deliver Excellence in Customer Experience?

by Sasha Viasasha
January 24, 2018

Customer experience makes competitors irrelevant. It doesn't make sense to compete on price because that's merely a race to the bottom. Similarly, competing on quality or features alone won’t work in a global marketplace because somebody can find a way to do it better and cheaper tomorrow. Competing on customer experience builds a bond with your customers and puts your company in a class by itself. To help you establish that singular customer experience, consider how calls to your business phone line will impact how customers feel about you.

Companies with the strongest performance in today's global market – and the ones that can survive waves of disruption – are the ones that treat customers the way they want to be treated. A big part of delivering on expectations is being there to answer when they call and resolving issues quickly. To do that, you need the a professional phone system that connects your team as seamlessly as possible.

Scaling up communications

If you are a solopreneur, simply calling on your own private mobile number or using Google Voice could be enough to help you stay in touch with customers and not lose any calls. That all changes when there are two or more employees.

As companies grow, business owners and employees have to transition from using their own personal phones into a working with a professional phone line. Customers expect a professional greeting and a way to reach specific people or departments. Otherwise, they will get frustrated with having to leave messages that aren’t returned or having to call back another number because you can’t transfer the call. Many customers will just turn to a more professional competitor without saying a word.

When work is distributed among a crew of team members, those team members have to have a simple way to call each other, transfer calls, pull up call logs, look at notes from earlier calls, and more. Work teams need to be able to communicate freely without worrying about the cost of calling each other, even if some team members are in another country.

At the same time, an efficient office manager needs to know how to contact anyone immediately, even when employees are not at their desks.

Does your team need a virtual phone system?

How do you know if a software solution or virtual phone system is right for your company?

  • Your business is mobile first, you’re already using smartphones but need business features
  • Your team is remote and people come and go
  • You’re testing markets in new cities or expanding globally
  • You have a business line and want to upgrade it with minimal expense and IT resources

Companies in the seed, development, or the startup phase might have the need for the communication infrastructure of a larger company, but not the funds and resources for it. While businesses used to chart a more predictable path from seed stage to maturity, technological disruption and iterative methodologies require agility.

Scaling might mean growing quickly, or it could be an exit strategy as you pivot. As your company finds its footing in tumultuous markets, keeping an eye out for new opportunities, it needs technology that is just as agile.

Activity-based work beats location-based work

In the past, two of the biggest expenses for in starting a small business used to be the office lease and the phone system. These were assumed to be the backbone of the business and it was hard to imagine operating without them.

This is no longer true. 

Spoke Phone is a global, mobile phone system inside a smartphone. Spoke can transform your mobile phone infrastructure into low cost business phone line with all the collaboration features you need most to keep customers engaged. No matter where you and your employees are,, Spoke automatically geo-routes your calls to the best location, answers calls professionally with a programmable multilingual AI attendant, and lets you easily transfer calls from mobile-to-mobile in a single touch. All the essentials of an full scale PBX are here, without the complexity and cost.

We’re also developing cool features that speed up the customer journey for people who work and live on the go, such as a data-intensive shared call log and a smart directory that automatically updates itself. Sharing recorded snippets of calls, voice-to-text to transcription, and integration with top CRM systems are all on the way. 

Spoke Phone is easy to download and manage, with a simple UI that runs in the background and integrates seamlessly with your native dialer. Best of all, it masks your personal number when using your own device, and keeps all your business call data in a secure app.

On being indispensable

Despite the popularity of digital channels and networks, when people need clarity, direction or support, they often pick up the phone. If it’s too difficult to find a phone number or reach someone, people will simply give up and the problem or question won’t get resolved. Customers might turn elsewhere, while employees become demoralized and less effective, creating a deleterious effect on company culture and morale.

Oftentimes, a phone call is a last resort. When people can’t get the information they need online, either in a knowledge base, forum or social channel, they pick up the phone. In the digital age, more than ever, a phone call is a lifeline for customers and employees who need information, support or resolution—quickly.

As digital and voice channels converge, new technological solutions that support mobile business communications are on the rise. Telephony solutions delivered as a software-as-service (SaaS) can provide a powerful but simple interface that deploys machine learning, AI and advanced analytics to provide a customer experience that is responsive, relevant and timely.

A business phone line on a secure mobile device

Spoke Phone is a next generation business phone solution designed to be deployed across your mobile phone infrastructure. It delivers the core features that a business needs to maintain a professional operation, including:

  • Universal call log and smart phone directory
  • Mobile-to-mobile call transfer and extension dialing
  • DDI line and global geo-call routing
  • Team calling and smart notes for saving and sharing
  • HD voice for better call quality
  • Live presence and availability setting 

Spoke Phone can help you transform the phones you and your team are already using into a powerful enterprise-grade phone system, for a fraction of the cost and effort.

You will never have to:

  • Waste time tracking down people or phone numbers
  • Hassle with complex phone trees and menus
  • Lose valuable call data or contact information
  • Give out your personal phone number or ask employees to do so 

Want to learn more? Sign up for an interactive demo and see how much more effective and productive your company could be with a phone system designed for the way you live and work.