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Does Your Business Phone Line Support Sales in the Field?

by Sasha Viasasha
November 1, 2017

If you think of revenue as business fuel, then the sales team is your pit crew. The problem is that when the office communication lines become clogged, your company’s performance will suffer. To accelerate growth and turbocharge sales, a business phone line should facilitate the free flow of information to and from sales reps in the field. 

Unfortunately, sales reps in the real world often struggle to connect with the team members and get the information they need when every second counts.

Before you ramp up the pressure to get more revenue from your sales team, make sure your office phone system makes it easier for them to close more sales in less time. A more productive sales team is both more effective and less expensive than hiring more help.

Here are a few suggestions directly from real sales teams in the field about what they need to close more sales faster.

Find a way to simplify transfers on the road

Sales reps usually talk to customers more than anyone else in the company. Not all customers have the time to call customer service, but they usually have the number of a sales rep. Customers know that support may or may not answer, but sales reps have an incentive to answer the phone.

When that happens, which tends to be too often, sales reps in the field need a way to warm transfer the call to someone on the team who will listen. Their reputation is on the line, so they can’t just tell the caller to hang up and call another number. The Spoke Phone app makes it easy for sales reps to dial a single number that will ring everyone on the customer support team. In addition, it provides a simple way to conference in coworkers or transfer the call from their mobile phone. 

Put an end to phone tag

When the customer needs an answer, “Straight to voicemail” won’t work.

Too many times, deals slip away because reps can’t get in touch with someone in the back office in time to save the sale.

Their coworkers may be away from their desks, on other calls, or simply not answering the phone. It all comes up to the same thing: the potential customer bounces to another company that prioritizes their questions.

Spoke app’s built in presence detection uses machine learning a and personal preferences to determine who is available during what times. The employee directory is always up-to-date because phone numbers are based on who is signed into the app. As new team members join or leave the company, your company's employee directory in the Spoke app is updated instantly. Reps never again have to lose a sale due to connection failures.

Keep personal and work numbers separate

Sales happen in the field. No matter what kind of business phone line you have installed in the office, sales reps are going to have to use their mobile phones to close deals eventually. That also means that sales reps often end up saving vital customer and prospect info into the contact lists on their personal phones.

Getting all those numbers into the company’s CRM is problematic, but not transferring them into the company database will cause bigger problems down the road. Spoke partitions the personal from the professional. When a sales rep makes a call, Spoke masks the sales rep's private number behind the company’s central business line.

Business contacts are pulled into business directory inside the Spoke app. Meanwhile, sales reps can rest assured that employers don’t have access to their private calls or app use. Security is built in at the level of the cloud. 

Does your sales team love or hate your office phone system?

It seems obvious, but some phone systems don't actually help people talk. They are too hard to set up and too hard to use. While sales and service are on the go, communcations are stuck in an office bound system that makes it hard to get calls answered and routed. 

Many types of hosted VoIP services and SIP phones are too complex and expensive for the average small business. Today's small business owners normally don't have the time to become experts in phone technology and don't have the extra resources to maintain an IT department. Fortunately, they don't have to. The consumer app market has changed what business buyers expect from a turnkey solution. 

Spoke is a next-generation virtual phone system, built to run on top of new technologies like VoLTE, HDVoice and 5G networks.

Spoke is as easy to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough to replace your office phone system, eliminating up to 88% of your telecom costs.

Contact us for an interactive demo or a free trial and let's figure out how we can get you talking.