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Don’t Let Bad Communication Kill Your Culture

by Sasha Viasasha
November 22, 2018

Culture is one of the few factors that a company can actually control, and many companies have found it to be an engine for a sustained competitive advantage. Leaders in every field have found that they can build a community of customers and advocates not necessarily by doing something radically unique, but simply by communicating the brand message clearly, both internally and externally. Successful brands understand their value proposition. Their customers understand it, their stakeholders and partners understand it. To have a simple, clear message that everyone can agree on, your lines of communication must be open and well-maintained. Here's how business leaders are making it happen.

Keeping Lines of Communication Open

Communication is the lifeblood of culture, allowing a company’s values and purpose to flow out to employees, partners and customers, building strong relationships that are based on mutual interest and purpose. When communication is broken, culture is not transmitted, and people end up filling in the gaps with their own ideas, interests or vision, resulting in inefficiency, redundancy, wasted energy and confusion. No one, neither employees or customers, truly get it. No forward motion is possible.

Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.— Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

A solid culture allows businesses to evaluate opportunities, make decisions quickly, to learn and unlearn rapidly, share knowledge, and to fully engage all stakeholders. The mechanics of culture is hard to define, but it includes all the shared values, processes, beliefs and vision that drives a company processes and decisions. It’s built on both tradition and vision, and should flow from a sense of identity or purpose.

Wherever an effective culture is found, good communication is always with it.

Culture is the heart of an organization, but communication is the arteries and vessels that bring fresh oxygen and life to the organs and limbs. No matter how strong and big the culture is, without supportive infrastructure and policies that open up communication lines and encourage the flow of information, it will stagnate. And in our information age, it’s really easy to become disconnected.

The traditional infrastructure of an office with its hardwired phone system and the close physical proximity of the employees has given away to a distributed workforce. The lines of communication are not hard wires, but invisible networks. And yet, when a break occurs, the impact is just the same.

Supporting communication with a culture of conversation

At Spoke we believe that creating a culture of conversation is the best way to communicate, solve problems and create alignment. Voice communication is simple and effective, and delivers an immediacy and urgency that facilitates action. Picking up the phone is the most effective way to resolve a problem, build a meaningful relationship or deliver an important directive or message.

And yet, despite its effectiveness, too often people hesitate to pick up the phone and talk. Often this is simply because voice communication isn’t treated like any other communication tool. People have developed the habit of shooting off an email or message without too much thought. It can seem less obtrusive than a phone call, and more effective than a voicemail. But it lacks the problem resolution power and clarity of a simple conversation.

A phone call is a clear decision to communication, it demonstrates a willingness and desire to connect, solve problems and invest in the interaction. It is often the simplest, most direct and effective way to communicate.

We believe that the technology that supports voice should be just as simple, effective and direct.  

We've designed a business phone system that makes it easier for remote and distributed teams to just talk and resolve problems in the most direct way.

We're constantly adding great features like 1-button conference calling to better support the work you do. We would love to show you on a demo or free trial of Spoke Phone, so your entire team can communicate well and do more with less effort. Voice allows faster resolutions, less costly mistakes, stronger relationships and better outcomes.  

Let's just talk!

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