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How Can Your Office Phone System Help You Be Remarkable?

by Sasha Viasasha
October 20, 2017

What is a remarkable business? It’s one that’s instantly memorable, that’s worth telling your friends about, and that makes you feel good when you spend hard-earned money there.

High quality is certainly part of the equation, and price has some significance, but the number one factor that will make your business remarkable is how you treat your customers.

In their projections about winners and losers for the upcoming 2017 holiday season, Deloitte estimated that while shopping revenues overall will be 4-4.5% higher than last year, but not everyone will come out ahead this year.

The report concluded, “It is the proliferation of new, niche retailers that is resulting in share constantly changing hands. Consumers have unlimited alternatives and often bounce between brands, touchpoints, and influencers."

Their recommendation: "Retailers should modify their assumptions about what drives traffic, engagement and holiday sales growth, and realign around customer experience, creating relevant, emotional and inspirational connections that go beyond just product, price, and assortment.”

How do you plan to do that? How will your business offer a more relevant, emotional and inspirational customer experience?

One excellent answer could be literally in your hands right now. It’s your smartphone.

Case study: A remarkable call

We recently spoke to a customer who identified a brand experience that she called “remarkable.” A small chiropractor’s office in a major metropolitan region performed medical services for a very large customer base.

The customer said, “It was a few days after my appointment and I answered a call from them. Normally, I would have let it go to voicemail, but I answered and spoke to one of the clinicians. They wanted to know how I felt and if the treatment had improved my life in the days following my visit. It didn’t feel like a ‘customer service survey.’ It felt like they cared about whether my life was better thanks to them. It was remarkable.”

This case demonstrates precisely why small businesses have an edge over corporations and sales-oriented enterprises when it comes to customer experience. This is why Deloitte recorded so much churn in the retail space.

Your phone is a window into customer experience

Small businesses have the ability to take actions that don’t scale. A brief phone call to each new customer by a manager will build referral traffic far faster than automated email cadences or text blasts. A standard email that arrives at the wrong time or repeated on a set schedule can come across as pushy and unreasonable. To turn your customers into brand advocates, you need someone on your team who knows how to listen.

There is a vast amount of information in the human voice about the customer’s mood, expectations, and frustrations. 94% of executives agreed that “Listening to customer feedback is increasingly critical to the bottom line,” in a survey by HundredX. Their CEO, Rob Pace, advised that, “Listening Creates Brand Ambassadors: When you make customers happy, they talk to their friends, family members and colleagues. This is amplified through social media. And, your best marketing is going to come from customers who sing your praises.” 

The short version:

If you want your business to be remarkable, you have to reach out to your customers, listen to them and discover what they need. It’s not that hard and it can be done with a series of brief phone calls to brand new customers or those who have been most to your business. In the 21st century, with technology for communication all around us, it is still word-of-mouth that carries the greatest potential to grow your business with repeat business, larger cart sizes and referrals to others who think you are remarkable, too.

Does your business phone line actually help you talk?

Traditional land lines, hosted PBX and VoIP business phone systems are there to make calls possible, but they don't help you talk. They are normally so difficult to use and maintain that people end up just using their own cell phones.

Legacy office phone systems weren't made for the mobile world we live in today. New systems like business VoIP services and SIP phones are still far too complex for the average small business. Meanwhile, the consumer app market has changed what business buyers expect from a turnkey solution. 

Spoke is a next-generation virtual phone system, built to run on top of new technologies like VoLTE, HDVoice and 5G networks.

The Spoke app transforms the phones that your employees already love into a global mobile network, with local numbers in 56 countries.

In researching how employees at small companies actually use their phones, we've found out that less is more. The intuitive Spoke interface contains all the business phone line essentials that small businesses want and none of the bells and whistles that distract employees from doing their work.

Spoke is as easy to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough to replace your office phone system, eliminating up to 88% of your telecom costs.

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