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How Mobility Generates Economic Growth in Australia and Beyond

by Sasha Viasasha
March 28, 2018

Innovations based on mobile tech have added more than $14.1 billion per year to the Australian economy and are buoying up economies all across the Asia Pacific region. As more businesses get connected in remote locations and 4G/5G rolls out to more places, you can expect to see a great deal of more growth in the near future.

Several new reports have come out concerning the existing role and future potential of what sorts of business mobile tech fosters.

Mobile's impact on Australia

A report on mobile’s contributions to the Australian economy by New Zealand’s Covec Economic Research company reported:

  • Australia’s mobile market is performing at peak levels and generating revenues in key metric areas such as adoption of new technology, investments in network coverage, and increased capacity.
  • The intense competition in Australia telecom providers has kicked off innovation in sectors that include consumer devices, business communication platforms and original categories of applications.
  • The benefits of the mobile tech and software have connected residents in remote regions. They enjoy the same benefits from competition that people do in urban areas because network providers do not price their services based on the geographic distribution of customers.

Mobile growth across the region

At the same time, the GSM Association’s 2017 Asia Pacific report found that mobile technologies and services generated 5.2% of GDP across the Asia Pacific region, which totaled $1.3 trillion of economic value. By 2020, that’s expected to grow to $1.6 trillion or 5.4% of GDP as many countries see improvements in productivity and efficiency from mobile tech like zero infrastructure communications, IoT and machine to machine (M2M) automation.

A job creation engine

The mobile ecosystem also supported approximately 16 million jobs in 2016. This includes workers directly employed in the ecosystem and jobs that are indirectly supported by the economic activity generated by the sector. In addition to the mobile sector’s impact on the economy and labor market, it makes a substantial contribution to the funding of the public sector, with approximately $166 billion raised in 2016 in the form of taxation.

Mobile tech alone won’t do it, though. Companies need the right applications to unlock the benefits of mobility.  Usability and flexibility are the keys to thinking differently about what’s possible in the future of business.

Culture and leadership matter, too. 

Microsoft Australia reported that “While 66% of Australian respondents consider themselves to be mobile workers and spend at least 20% of their time working outside of their office, only 45% feel empowered by their organisation’s culture and management to be able to work together productively and collaboratively.”

Unlocking the economic growth of mobile tech requires new ways of thinking and working. Old styles of working and managing workers doesn't always translate to a digital-first mobile world. 

The mobile global phone system

We’ve studied how people actually communicate in the business world and what kind of communications structure they need to solve more problems faster. We developed Spoke Phone as the ideal way to connect workers in the mobile global world.

New smartphones that carry a virtual PBX onboard have allowed business leaders to facilitate the launch of entirely new business models. These new concepts can only come to life when business owners let go of legacy systems and move in the direction of the 100% mobile future of work.

Legacy office phone systems weren't made for the global mobile world we live in today. Newer telecom systems like business VoIP services and SIP phones are still too complex and costly for the average small business. Meanwhile, the mobile app market has reset expectations on how easy it should be to setup and use professional business software. 

Spoke Phone transforms the smartphones that employees already know and love into a virtual telecom network, with easy transfers, searchable call log data, auto-geo-routing, a multilingual AI auto-attendant and local DDI numbers in 56 countries. Spoke is as easy to install and easy to use, yet powerful enough to replace your office phone system, eliminating up to 88% of your telecom costs.

Contact Spoke for a free interactive demo to see how this mobile platform can enable economic growth for your company.