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What Bets are Telcos Making in the Face of Voice and Data Commoditization?

by Jason Kerr
September 29, 2016

A great article by CBInsights, (who by the way consistently produce great content and infographics), on the way Telecom operators are starting to think about investing in ideas and technology as they see their traditional business lines get eroded by simpler and frankly better communication solutions built by companies who know nothing about the traditional Telecom industry.

Telecoms are funding virtual reality and IoT startups as they look to expand offerings and provide connectivity for next-gen products. The telecommunications industry is growing increasingly dynamic as a host of technologies, including IoT devices, connected cars, big data, and AR/VR, begin to redefine what connectivity and media consumption mean. To keep up, big telecoms are investing in startups, stepping up their M&A activity, and expanding their offerings. For example, Verizon recently bought Yahoo!...

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