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Is Your Phone the Cornerstone of Your Digital Transformation Strategy?

by Sasha Viasasha
February 23, 2018

Digital transformation reached a tipping point in the Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) market last year. By the end of 2017, nearly half (49%) of ANZ CIOs had led their companies into digital platforms for rapidly exchanging information with competitors, customers, regulators, stakeholders and other enterprises. Gartner’s Jenny Beresford, explained how important this evolution has been for ANZ businesses:

"The implications of digital ecosystems for ANZ CIOs are profound. Many will need to shift their enterprise from a linear value chain business, trading with well-known partners and adding value in steps, to being part of a faster and more dynamic networked digital ecosystem. While many are actively participating now,

ANZ CIOs need to take a more assertive and ambitious outlook to avoid falling behind in 2018."

The scope of digital transformation projects

Gartner's definition of a digital ecosystem is an interdependent group of actors (i.e., people, things, enterprises) that communicate across standardized digital platforms for a range of commercial or civic purposes.

Digital transformation projects that help businesses integrate into the new mobile global economic system were a top priority for businesses of all sizes. In Gartner’s 2018 CIO Agenda Report the top goals IT leaders identified for the year ahead were 1) growth; 2) digitizing the business; 3) greater profits from new sources of revenue.

In the bigger picture, the IDC forecasts that businesses everywhere will spend 40% of their IT budgets, up to $2 trillion collectively, on digital transformation projects now through 2019.

The only question is: where to begin?

The coming digital infrastructure

For an increasing number of businesses, the answer is: With our phones. As Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN)’s multi-technology architecture comes online, fixed-line telephony traffic and revenue are declining and are being rapidly replaced by mobile broadband. Voice traffic will soon be handled mostly over next generation data packet via technologies such as Voice over Long-term Evolution (VoLTE).

In New Zealand, 73.8% of the Ultra-Fast Broadband / Rural Broadband Initiative (UFB/RBI) is now complete and the entire system will be in place by 2020. In both countries, these upgrades to the underlying mobile broadband infrastructure is making it easier for businesses to choose where they will see early wins with simple digital transformation projects.

Just as replacing legacy PBX systems with voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems greatly reduced cost and complexity in the past, today’s digital leaders are moving their entire communications systems into virtual PBX systems deployed on mobile phones. No more desk phones, no more IT specialists needed to maintain the system, and no more confusion over unnecessary features. It sets up in minutes to connect a flexible workforce distributed across town or across time zones. As new technology and popular features stabilize in the market, a virtual phone system adapts instantly to the needs of the business as it grows.

How digital transformation can pay for itself

Spoke Phone is the next generation of communication systems. It’s 100% mobile and goes on the smartphones that your employees already know and love. By eliminating hardware, handsets and countless hours of IT support, Spoke can save up to 88% off the cost of a typical phone system. That translates into faster ROI and stronger cash flows to fund your next digital transformation project.

If you still want to have desk phones, no problem. Spoke integrates seamlessly with desk phone docking stations or Bluetooth conferencing speakers like the Jabra Speak. 

A digital phone system is your key to a better customer experience as well, with capabilities such as:

  • Existing phone number porting
  • An employee phone directory that auto-updates
  • Easy transfer mobile-to-mobile
  • Business and private calls stay separate
  • Outbound calls mask private number behind company line
  • HD Voice for clearer, more professional sound quality
  • Local numbers in 56 countries so you can enter new markets
  • A multi-lingual AI answering attendant to direct calls anywhere
  • Find me/follow me adjustable ringing maps
  • DDIs for individuals or groups with unique answering messages
  • Call logs for easy follow up
  • Visual voicemail for searchable scans
  • Shareable snippets of the call

While technological changes in the business landscape are accelerating, there’s always time for productivity enhancers that can put more hours back into your day. Get your own free trial or interactive demo to see Spoke Phone in action. We make it easier for you to get more calls answered and made for stronger growth, greater agility and a better customer experience.

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