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Low-Cost Business Phone Systems for Early Stage Companies

by Sasha Viasasha
December 9, 2017

What is the best low-cost business phone system for your early stage company or startup? Many small businesses begin with very little capital or investment, using software applications and a remote team to start up, learn, grow, and expand.

A business phone system might be the largest expense facing a new company. Is it worth it? An on-premise phone system can cost thousands of dollars and require dedicated IT resources. Cloud solutions can be just as costly, with contracts that are difficult to get out of or change.

On the other hand, software applications can enable your mobile phone infrastructure with a full-featured business class phone system that can be managed and deployed from your smartphone. And, as mobility becomes a new standard for business communication, bypassing on premise solutions and hardware completely can be a viable and cost-saving measure for early stage companies.

How do you know if a software solution or virtual phone system is right for your company?

  • Your business is mobile first, you’re already using smartphones but need business features
  • Your team is remote and people come and go
  • You’re testing markets in new cities or expanding globally
  • You have a business line and want to upgrade it with minimal expense and IT resources

Companies in the seed, development, or the startup phase might have the need for the communication infrastructure of a larger company, but not the funds and resources for it. While businesses used to chart a more predictable path from seed stage to maturity, technological disruption and iterative methodologies require agility.

Scaling might mean growing quickly, or it could be an exit strategy as you pivot. As your company finds its footing in tumultuous markets, keeping an eye out for new opportunities, it needs technology that is just as agile.

In the past, two of the biggest expenses for in starting a small business used to be the office lease and the phone system. These were assumed to be the backbone of the business and it was hard to imagine operating without them.

This is no longer true. 

Business applications like Spoke Phone can transform your mobile phone infrastructure into low cost business phone system with all the business features you need. Designed for use on your smartphone, Spoke offers geo- routing, auto attendant, mobile-to-mobile call transfer and other basic PBX features.

We’re also developing cool features that help people who work and live on the go, such as a shared call log and directory that updates itself and keeps track of calls that need to be followed up on. Voice-to-text to transcription is coming soon, along with features that will help you clip and save snippets of your call to share or reference later.

The Spoke Phone application is easy to use and manage, with a simple UI that runs in the background and integrates seamlessly with your native dialer. Best of all, it masks your personal number when using your own device, and keeps all your business call data in a secure app.

With Spoke Phone small businesses in field services, transportation, and technology have knocked off 88% of the price of their phone service, while still getting  all the features they need to stay professional and provide an excellent customer experience. The only hardware you need is your mobile phones. 

Spoke is designed for mobile phones. The voice quality of your calls won’t depend on bandwidth or local network speeds like they do with traditional VoIP service providers. If you need to see it to believe it, we welcome you to download the Spoke app and try it or check out our FAQ to see if cutting the cord could work for you. The old barriers to business don’t apply anymore. Get Spoke, go digital and feel free to disrupt your industry.