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Making Business Phone Calls More Productive With Digital Tech

by Sasha Viasasha
March 6, 2018

A phone call is the most direct way to get answers. That’s still true for customers just as much as it is for collaborative teams coordinating their efforts across vast distances. When the goal is to ensure a common understanding among two or more people, asynchronous channels like text, email, or messenger apps just aren’t as productive as a simple phone call. However, business has evolved propelled by digital tech and the simple phone call must evolve along with it in order to stay productive.

The following best practices can help your team derive the most value out of every business phone call.

Stay connected to reach more customers

In a self-serve, always-up, on-demand world, the most successful businesses respond rapidly to new prospects. Kissmetrics cited a study on lead generation by MIT and Kellogg which found that “[A] rep is 100x less likely to make contact if the first call is made 30 minutes after submission. The odds of making contact drop by 3000x if the first call is made 5 hours after lead submission.”

Mobility keeps the lines of communication open, but only an intelligent virtual phone system can keep track of which business calls came in to which employee mobile numbers and who needs a call back ASAP. A mobile platform tracks that data so your company can make a connection before the prospect moves on to the next competitor.

Keep a record to keep your promises

One of the benefits of chat or email is that there is a record of what was promised and metadata on when the conversation took place. Phone calls should have that same level of support. In the past, information exchanged on a phone call might just evaporate after the call ends.

Great ideas, recommendations, questions and commitments aren’t useful unless they are recorded, and people rarely remember things in exactly the same way. Even notes entered in a CRM system immediately after the call have been subject to data loss and misinterpretation. Virtual phone systems are updating the phone call for the modern business.

Now, AI-based voice-to-text transcription and live call recording combines the best data-tracking aspects of email with the problem-solving power voice calls. Share the bits of the call with colleagues that need the info and playback conversations at any time.

Streamline options to prevent feature fatigue

Employees perform better when they are not distracted. There are many studies that show that average workers must switch tasks about every 3 minutes and it can take them 23 minutes to recover and get back in the zone after a significant distraction. Business owners will benefit from a more engaged and productive workforce by providing them with tech that streamlines their tasks.

A more intuitive interface for phone calls and fewer options helps workers get more done and avoid "feature fatigue"--a condition characterized by anxiety and frustration caused by too many unnecessary features in digital tech.  

The Journal of Marketing Research reported, “As technology advances, it becomes more feasible to load products with a large number of features, each of which individually might be seen as useful. While both economic theory and current market research techniques suggest that increasing the number of features will make a product more appealing, too many features can make a product overwhelming and hard to use.”  That's true regardless of the amount of technical experience that the user has. Tech with only the essentials is more useful for more employees. 

A virtual phone system for growing businesses

Modern companies are relying more on contractors and flexible workers, but the lack of effective communication platforms to manage that workforce has become a huge bottleneck, dampening revenues and standing in the way of a better customer experience. Digital tools on a mobile phone system helps customers reach the solutions that matter most and helps the company upsell services more frequently.

On a simple, elegant platforms, Spoke Phone converts employee phones into a mobile network with all the essential features your business needs and none of the distractions that slow you down. Port over your existing business line, or run it exclusively on your smartphone using a new DDI number and assign extensions for employees.

Spoke Phone delivers the critical business phone features such as:

  • HD Voice for better quality calling
  • Easy call transfer from mobile-to-mobile
  • Smart geo-routing to the closest available employee or team
  • Local numbers in 53 countries 
  • Masking private mobile numbers behind the company line
  • A learning AI receptionist that adapts to the speaker
  • The ability to capture call data and notes for sharing with coworkers
  • An employee directory that updates automatically 

Spoke Phone eliminates the roadblocks that prevent your employees from solving problems on the phone. At the same time Spoke keeps your company data secure and private calls stay private. Drop your communications expenses by up to 88% while your employees get to keep using the smartphones they already know and love.

If you want to see how it all works for yourself, just request your own free trial or sign up for a demo. The old barriers to business don’t apply anymore. Get Spoke, go mobile and start disrupting your industry.

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