Now there's no more %#*#@ excuses for joining my conference calls late

by Jason Kerr
November 14, 2018

You would think that after years of conference calling and the explosion of video conferencing tools like Zoom educating the market at large, that we could have one darn conference call that starts on-time.

I don't know what it is. Seems like it's easy enough. Turn up on time, dial in, talk. How hard can it be?

Turns out it's pretty hard actually.

Can humans have conference calls that start on time?

Searching Google shows thousands of articles on the topic. Etiquette guides that teach you how to turn up for conference calls on time, and even studies on how long you should wait for people to join. What's more, we're all willing to accept it as normal.

I'd like to think that the human race still has a modicum of respect for other's time and schedules, so there must be more to this problem that meets the eye.

Even a CEO on $15 million a year is not immune

A friend of mine recently told me of a meeting he had in London. He was presenting a large deal to some multi-national at their swanky head office.

At the table we're eight or nine people, including the aforementioned $15 million a year man, the CEO himself. 

The first 20 minutes of the meeting were (as normal) taken up trying to get a remote board member on the phone.

Was the CEO enraged? Was he apoplectic, steam coming out his ears?  No. He was calm. Situation normal. 

So here is probably what, $10,000 an hour? sitting around a table waiting for someone to dial in to a conference call.

Turns out the culprit was driving. If you've ever tried to dial into a conference call and enter a 10 digit PIN you can't remember, you'll know why he was late to the call.

No more excuses - I'll dial you

Enter one-button conference calls. They ring your team so all they have to do is answer their phone.

No dial-in, no PIN, no sending out links - no excuses.

It's pretty simple. You tap a button, we ring everyone, they answer their phone and are instantly on your conference

Who's it good for?

Probably lots of people, but we've designed it for two use cases.

1) Teams that have regular conference calls internally. Such as Daily stand-ups, Weekly Check-ins, Leaderships meetings, etc. 

And 2) teams who deal with external suppliers and partners on projects. For instance civil engineering, construction, software implementations, professional services, etc.

Top five things our customers love?

  1. Don’t have to dial in
  2. Can join while I’m driving
  3. Always starts on time!
  4. Anyone can start my conference if I can’t make it
  5. Don't need to be at my desk, near a computer screen or in the office

Give it a go, it's weirdly liberating

I'd love for you to try Spoke Conference with your team.

It's strange how powerful and liberated it makes you feel. For some reason it feels like we humans have finally won a small battle over the machine.

Just click the button below and the team will gladly hook you up with a free trial.

- Jason

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