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Should Your Small Business Cut the Cord and Go Completely Mobile?

by Sasha Viasasha
September 13, 2017

Phone systems have been a necessary but painful component of any viable business for over century now. At the heart of communication, customer service and sales, the business phone was crucial to getting deals done, providing service to customers, and communicating internally. For the most part, this hasn’t really changed, but now the phones that people are using are overwhelmingly their smartphones.

SMB Mobility 

If you’re like most small business owners, even if you do have a business phone system, you spend most of your time on your smartphone. Employees tend to use their phones for work, too. 65% of small business employees are giving out their mobile numbers and 75% are forwarding their company line to their smartphone. With larger screens and enterprise grade business apps that can help you crunch numbers, run reports and even process payments, the smartphone has become the essential business tool for businesses of all sizes.

Not only do people prefer using their own phone for work, they are more productive on their own phones, too.

Since most of a day’s work can be done on a smartphone, is there really any need for a phone system? Most offices communicate using a variety of tools and apps that can be deployed across a mobile phone network, including messaging, email and voice. Even if you are paying for a business phone system, it may not be getting much use. And while these systems are expensive to buy, install and maintain, due to rapid innovation and disruption in the telecom space, the danger of obsolesce is always looming.

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Cutting the cord

Some businesses have cut the cord and gone all the way mobile, while others, like InsideHook, have decided to keep a dedicated line. A dedicated line can give you extra peace of mind, especially if you have two locations that must coordinate and stay in contact. Or you can run everything right from your smartphone, like the executives at Google, Coca Cola and Salesforce.

A professional phone system in an app

Staying professional while using your smartphone can be a big challenge. Now Spoke offers you a chance to compact the best parts of a tradition business phone system into an app that you can download in 3 minutes. You get a professional business phone number, group ringing, extension calling, and smart call routing -- all the things you need to help your business look like a big company without the expense and hassle of an ancient business phone system.

What professional features do you really need to run a business? The ability to answer calls, keep accurate logs, transfer between employees and conference easily are probably most important. Security, reliability and voice quality are base level considerations. And yet, often while VoIP phone service is becoming the new reality for both consumer and business customers, it may not serve small and medium businesses well. With most VoIP systems, both feature bundles and pricing are aimed at larger enterprises, leaving some smaller companies in the VoIP void.

Small business solution

Spoke has created a business phone system designed just for small and medium sized businesses with 3-30 employees. Spoke has just the features you need, and none that you don't. It's simple to install and simple to use. You don't have to wonder if now is the right time to cut the cord. Find out for no charge. Spoke is offering a 21-day free trial -- no credit card required. No wires, no hardware, no IT guy and no risk. All you have to lose is your headache. 

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