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SMBs Win When They Prioritize Simplicity in Communications

by Sasha Viasasha
May 18, 2018

Phones should be simple. Dial and talk. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works for most business phone systems. In search of utility, business phones have grown more and more complex over the years. Now it’s come to the point where many employees refuse to touch them or just unplug them and stash them away in a cabinet.

  • Three out of four small businesses said that they rely on voice communication and rated it “very or extremely important” to business operations. (Hanover Research)
  • 83% of customers want to deal with talk to real people on the phone to resolve their issues. (Accenture)
  • 92% of customer interactions happen on the phone. (Salesforce)
  • Australian millennials consider smartphones more important business tools than laptops or PCs. (Google Australia)

Given the critical role that phone-based communication plays in financial performance, it would make sense for businesses to choose a phone system that is simple and easy to use.

Employee productivity suffers when the technology they use every day is too complex and frustrating. Nielsen Research reported that, “Just like computers, human brains have a limited amount of processing power ….  When the amount of information coming in exceeds our ability to handle it, our performance suffers. We may take longer to understand information, miss important details, or even get overwhelmed and abandon the task." 

That matches findings by LexisNexis that information workers are spending more than half of their working days trying to manage information flows instead of working toward their goals. Similarly, sales reps on average spend 78% of their time performing functions other than selling. Meanwhile, office managers are wasting valuable time trying to track down employees, searching for mobile numbers when employees are not at their desks and struggling to manage an office phone system built on technology from the previous century. 

Simplify their lives and your business will reclaim hours of productive time each week. That’s exactly what Spoke Phone was designed to do.

We designed a simple but robust application that makes it easy for you to turn your mobile phone infrastructure into a business phone system with enterprise-level functionality and security. 

We're developing smart features to help your business grow and to mediate the unique communication barriers of our digital age. Best of all, Spoke Phone takes less than three minutes to set up and is simple enough to start using right away. 

No desk phone, no complicated training programs, no IT guy.  

The power of simplicity

Most small businesses don’t need all the bells and whistles that office phone systems tend to bundle into their locked-in service contracts. What growing companies really need is simply a reliable phone system that does a few things very well:

  • Assigns Direct Dial In (DDI) numbers for teams in different areas or even different countries.
  • Answers calls with a multilingual AI assistant when no one is available to pick up the phone.
  • Keeps a dynamic company directory updated in real time so managers can contact anyone anywhere at anytime. 
  • Tracks missed call data so man log of which ones got a return call by which team member.
  • Delivers excellence in HD Voice quality, not the echoes, buzzes and dropped calls that still plague VoIP.
  • Is simple enough to install and maintain without any help from technical talent.
  • Simplifies the tasks of sales, office managers, and field service agents.

All of those features are packed into the Spoke platform, turning any group of mobile phones into a next-generation business phone network. Spoke simplifies budgeting too by shaving 88% off the cost of a traditional phone system. In the end, you’ll never really know how much Spoke can simplify the lives of you and everyone at your company until you try it for yourself, so we’d like to invite you to try Spoke for free.

The ideal business phone system may already be in your hands, literally. Spoke has condensed everything a small business needs into a beautifully designed solution deployed on the smartphones that your employees already love.