Spoke Eketahuna: Call recording, conference calls, address books, +more

Spoke Phone's Eketahuna release brings the first of many planned voice productivity features, a slew of speed and performance improvements, deeper native integration to phones, and core platform features - such as legally compliant call recording.

Additionally, significant enhancements, feature...

January 9, 2019

Spoke Dipton: Vast improvements in call quality, Bluetooth support, enhanced call-routing, +much more

Spoke Phone's Dipton release brings major upgrades to call quality, full Bluetooth support for headsets, conference speakers, and in-car telephony, deeper support for multi-brand businesses, plus lots of other IVR/PBX features.

October 10, 2018

Spoke Cheviot: VoIP support for rural businesses that don't have high quality WiFi or 4G data.

Spoke Phone's Cheviot release brings VoIP / PBX virtual business phone systems to rural businesses wanting to improve customer experiences.

June 22, 2018