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"Voice First" Is All About Doing Things With Less Effort and Better Results

by Sasha Viasasha
November 1, 2018

For the most part, things don’t change at all for a very long time. Then they seem to change all at once. There’s a term for that: “Punctuated Equilibrium.” That’s where the world is right now with “voice first” technology, including software like mobile apps and hardware like in-home assistants. Things are changing fast and voice as an interface is out front.

Using your voice is simply much easier than typing. Entering commands on a keyboard, or one letter at a time in a text message, takes specialized learning and a lot of practice. Talking just naturally emerges out whenever you want something. In fact, in many ways this new mobile world, where professionals on the go often have to use their hands to drive, hold their coffee or take notes, voice first tech has become a necessity.

No matter what industry you are in, simply being more efficient than your peers at essential operations can turn into an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Slow, then fast

Over the past half a century, as technology rapidly evolved on many fronts, nothing seemed to change in how information got in and out of computers. As these thinking machines shrank from wall-sized monstrosities down to desktops and then to featherweight laptops, the keyboard remained the main channel for input/output. Even though developments in voice recognition were going on in the background, most people didn’t have the raw compute power to handle that capability in real time.  

The explosive growth of mobile tech, connectivity and cloud computing changed all that. Now you’ve got a massive supercomputer in your pocket, connected wirelessly to a data center somewhere far away. Voice is the most reasonable channel for getting info into that device. It makes sense that voice first is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds.

Which comes first: the voice or the screen?

A study by global research firm Nielsen concluded that voice first is the future of interaction, but that screens are still valuable for getting information out of the system.  That’s why it’s called voice first and not voice only. A screen is ideal for displaying a text version of a voice message so you can scan the info quickly, or showing you data in an instant on who has been called back when and who might need a follow up. Voice is best for speed of input and hands free work, but screens are better at making lots of data available for you in a glance. Nielsen summed their findings saying, “Logically, combining these into a single system sounds like an obvious win.”

Finding your voice

That’s exactly what Spoke Phone does. We put all the features of a traditional business phone systems into a mobile phone for people on the go. 

Our latest release enhances your ability to do all three at the same time, thanks to voice first improvements that include:

  • Massive call quality improvements with new global Telco partnerships
  • Native support for high-quality bluetooth calls
  • New call offer modes to keep team interruptions to a minimum
  • Smart "roll-over" sends unanswered calls to other teams or external services
  • Better support for companies that run multiple brands
  • Additional call transfer modes to better support in-office workers
  • Custom audio library to replace all sounds, messages, and music
  • Enhance Caller ID shows mobile workers more info about who's calling and why
  • And a host of PBX/IVR/Auto-attendant upgrades, improvements and fixes.

Let’s just talk

We’ve found that among the biggest side benefits of the sea change that voice has brought -- other than the ability to capture your ideas at the speed of thought -- is that people are talking more.  

As people talk more in business world, teams learn they can resolve customer issues more quickly, remote collaborators can clear up confusion in a matter of seconds, and professionals everywhere can strengthen their network relationships more naturally.

“Let’s just talk” is a signal that things are about to get resolved. Everyone benefits when you can finally get some answers and get back to work.

Check out how Spoke Phone can help your business get more done with less effort with personalized demo or a free trail.

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