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What Dating Apps Can Teach You About Business Communication

by Sasha Viasasha
August 18, 2017

In the old world, people met in the marketplace or via a network of friends and family. That’s still true, but now both the network and the marketplace have online components. Growing your business depends on optimizing your business communication with strangers, but practice alone won’t make perfect. Ask anyone who’s ever tried going on blind dates.  

For growth-oriented businesses, an online profile is fundamental. Online you can cast a much wider net for new customers, employees, business partners, links in the supply chain, and funding sources. The internet is essentially a global connection machine, but that doesn’t mean you want to connect up with everyone you meet online.

Dating apps do one thing very well: they save time by winnowing out the bad matches. That’s exactly why the logic of dating apps can help you expand your business communication network more intelligently.

The Pew Research center reported that 59% of US adults online think of online dating as a good way to meet people. That’s up from only 44% who felt that way a decade ago.

If you are still harboring doubts about what a business can learn from a dating app, consider the implications of these five stats.

1. Playing the long game

Around 44% of daters said that a match made in an app led to a long-term relationship. By eliminating poor matches and greatly expanding the pool of potentials, dating apps save a great deal of time. The important point here is that even though 44% is a great success rate, more than half of matches don’t last. Finding the right connections is only half the fight.

Take it to the next level: Check out our recent blog for a list of tools to fight churn and hold onto your best customersand talent.  

2. The road from the virtual to the actual

Of the people who made a successful match in a dating app, 33% never actually took the next step to meet offline. In terms of business, it’s easy for people to like your social media posts or read your blogs. Don’t assume that this is going to naturally translate from a virtual to an actual relationship. Not everyone is a match and not everyone is looking for a match. Make it easier for potential customers to find you and reach you when they are ready to take the next step.

Take it to the next level: Download a free trial of the Spoke app so customers can always reach you or your AI attendant. For missed calls, advanced tech keeps track of which customers have gotten a callback from your company and what the result was.

3. The power of voice

At least 29% of online daters want to speak on a phone call. There are many different channels to negotiate if you want to maximize your network. When you do make a connection, be authentic. Automation is great for narrowing down your options, but reaching out or responding to individuals with an automated response often comes across as creepy. The most important point is that you will be more successful by maintaining options on how you connect.

Some will want to contact your business only online, thorough messaging service or a website. Others feel more comfortable with an exchange on social media. A significant percentage will want to talk to a real person on the phone at some point. Cutting these contacts out of the loop will severely limit your ability to grow your business. 

Take it to the next level: Update your CRM with how the customer/prospect prefers to be contacted. Use software like to manage and measure engagement. 

4. Machine-based aesthetics

Daters saw a 12% increase in successful matches by using AI to auto-customize photo arrangements. Tinder created a Smart Photo algorithm based on machine learning to track and adjust the profile photos based on popularity.

The lesson is that your business visuals make a huge difference in making connections. Visuals speak to emotions, which is vital to making a connection. Use the best resources you can access, including AI and machine learning, to evaluate data and improve your brand image.

Take it to the next level: Test out the next generation of customized logos and graphics created entirely by an AI program. Logojoy is a machine that creates art based on a massive database of fonts, symbols and color presets.

5. Matchmaker space

The best, most reliable source of active customers and engaged talent is referrals from existing stakeholders. Fortunately, 90% of millennials say that they really enjoy acting as matchmakers for their friends.

Think of customers and workers as investors, with a stake in seeing your business succeed. Make contributions from your customers and workers integral to defining your brand. Encourage them to tell their stories on your site, write reviews online, and tell their friends about what they like.

Take it to the next level: Gamify referrals with a user-generated content (UGC) campaign. In other words, run an event where you invite the public to send in pictures, video, stories, etc., involving your brand. Follow this 7 step UGC plan

The Business Connection App

Spoke exists to bring people together. Connecting people on the move is complex, but installing and maintaining a phone system doesn’t have to be. Get all the professional grade business phone features -- like follow me/find me, hunt groups, smart directories, AI auto attendant, user presence – all in a user interface that you already know: your own smartphone.

Managing your business phones systems can and should be as simple as downloading an app. Download the Spoke app for free and see how simple it can be to managing all of your business calls. 

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